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Some say that Estuardo will don a Spanish accent for the ladies, telling them of far off places like Ondur-ass. Women love his charm, his foreign appeal, and his vulnerable eyes. To me, he is just a guy from Winnipeg. I hear no Spanish accent and when I got into his car early Tuesday afternoon there was no charm just a scatterbrained, self conscious man.

Both Estuardo and I have newly moved to Toronto, Ontario. Two small city Canadians thrown together into one extra large city. Previous to getting into his car, we had never met before, and as I sat in the front seat I noticed that he had tacked up a air freshener tree with a piece of gum. The scent of wild cherry emanating off the tree was overpowering as he apologized profusely for not understanding how the tree was to remain partially in the bag. I found myself more intrigued by the gum tacking the tree to the dashboard, when my door flew open and Estuardo was at my feet picking little peices of gravel off the car mat. On his knees and apologizing again for the dirt in his car.

He jumps into the driver's seat, throws the car into reverse and rams smack into the car behind us. This one experience sums up Estuardo, to the scent of wild cherry.
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