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The Stories We Tell Ourselves
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Life Stories is a community for people who are interested in biography, autobiography and story-telling as a tool for discovering who we are and what our lives mean.

Stories are tools for structuring our lives and understanding the lives of others. We are, among other things, something like the sum of the stories we tell about ourselves.

This is a good place to post or ask questions about the theory of life-writing, but I'm hoping it will also become a place to put down just plain stories--stories people have told you or that you tell yourself, and to reflect on what those stories mean to you.

Stories should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and should seem somehow significant--though the best stories aren't the kind that comes with a moral.

True stories are often the best kind, but who can tell a really true story about themselves?

Comment with your own insights on what the posted story means, or what you mean yourself.